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Opening Keynote Addresses
Thursday 05 6-8pm, Foellinger Auditorium

The Politics of Evidence
Jan Morse, University of Alberta

On Tricky Ground: Researching the Native in the Age of Uncertainty
Linda Tuhiwai Smith, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Chair: Virginia Olesen


Foellinger Auditorium


Plenary Sessions

Friday 06 9:45-11:15, 215 Union
Science, Etc.: From Bicycle Helmets to Dialogue Across Differences
Chair: Elizabeth St. Pierre
Panelists: Michael J Feuer, Lisa Towne, Elizabeth St. Pierre

Friday 06 1:30-3:00, 217 Noyes
Scientifically Based Research and the National Research Council (2002) Report
Chair: Katherine Ryan

Panelists: Yvonna S Lincoln, Earnest House, Julianne Cheek, Frederick Erickson, Nicholas Burbules, Ian Stronach



Illini Union

Friday 06 3:15-4:45, 217 Noyes
International Perspectives on Qualitative Research and Race
Chair: Arlette Willis
Panelists: Fazal Rizvi, Luis Miron, Cameron R McCarthy, Lynn Yates

Friday 06 11:45-1:15, 217 Noyes
Monsters of Evidence: Qualitative Research and the Globalization of Audit Culture
Chair: Patti Lather
Panelists: Patti Lather, Lis Hojgaard, Dorte Marie Sondergaard, Ian Stronach, Harry Torrance, Phil Hodkinson


Special Featured Panels

Friday 06 1:30-3:00, 405 Union
Embracing the seventh movement in qualitative inquiry: Lifting conversations about caring, democracy, and social change in schooling and our larger public space
Chair: Rodney Hopson
Panelists: Rodney Hopson, Magi Berger, Tanya Brown


Noyes Chemistry Building

Saturday 07 11:45-1:15, 215 Union
Why Measurement Fails
Presenters: Jaber Gubrium & James Holstein

Saturday 07 11:45-1:15, 405 Union
Applied Indigenous Studies: Research as Community Praxis
Chair: Carolyne J White
Panelists: Carolyne J White, Tim Begaye, Anna Figuera, Mary Weems, Corrine Glesne


Featured Panels

Friday 06 8:00-9:30, 407 Union
Critical Developments in Participatory Action Research
Chair: Sue Noffke
Panelists: Kim Hershorn, Vanmala Hiranandani, Rita Valade, Arlene E Edwards, Joanna Ochocka

Friday 06 9:45-11:15, 314b Union
Qualitative Research and Public Challenges to "New" Regimes of Truth
Chair: Gaile S. Cannella
Panelists: Karen Ortiz, Araceli Rivas, Radhika Viruru, Subhabrata Bobby Banerjee, Angharad N. Valdivia

Friday 1:30-3:00, 209 Union
Performing Social Sciences: How Dance, Short Stories and Writing as Craft Can Contribute to Qualitative Inquiry
Chair: Marcelo Diversi
Panelists: Pirkko Markula, Robert Rinehart, Jim Denison, Marcelo Diversi, Michael D. Giardina

Friday 06 1:30-3:00, 210 Union
Movin' On: Autoethnographies of Race, Blended Families, Queer Activism and Political Volunteerism
Chair: Carolyn S. Ellis
Panelists: Mary Poole, Abby Arnold, Robin Boylorn, Lisa M. Tillmann-Healy

Friday 06 5:00-6:30, 215 Union
Performing Autoethnography
Chair: Ronald J. Pelias
Panelists: W. Benjamin Myers, Scott William Gust, Amy Pinney

Saturday 07 8:00-9:30, 209 Union
Democratic Methodologies: I
Chair: Jodi Kaufman
Panelists: Lynda Measor, Lisa R. Merriweather Hunn, Maya Miskovic, Andrew Loxley, Patrick Manyak

Saturday 07 9:45-11:15, 209 Union
Revisioning the Social: The Work of Patricia Ticineto Clough
Chair: Joseph Schneider
Panelists: Norman K. Denzin, Joseph Schneider, Michal M. McCall, Patricia Ticineto Clough

Saturday 07 9:45-11:15, 211 Union
Qualitative Inquiry: Philosophical Foundations and Disciplinary Histories
Presenters: George Kamberelis & Greg Dimitriadis

Saturday 07 11:45-1:15, 407 Union
Social Work as Qualitative Inquiry: Praxis, Paradox and Parable
Chair: Roy Ruckdeschel
Panelists: Roy Ruckdeschel, Jerry Floersch, Jane Gilgun, Mary Katherine O’Connor, Michael Ungar


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