National Institute of Education-Singapore
Merlien Institute-Singapore
The Israeli Center for Qualitative Methodologies (ICQM)-Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Korean Association of Qualitative Inquiry. 

Participating faculty, staff and students_1: 550


Research Interests, Disciplines: In-depth Interview and Video Analysis; Qualitative Data Analysis; Action Research; Arts-based research; Auto-ethnography; Case research; Grounded Theory; Life history; Phenomenology; Portraiture


List of workshops, seminars, conferences:

KAQI Spring Conference 2018

Friday April 27

Bluebird 2.0 Workshops 14:00–17:00pm

Saturday April 28

Registration & Opening Remarks 09:00 ~ 09:30

Keynote Speech 09:30 ~ 12:00

General KAQI sessions 13:30 ~ 16:40    (4 parallel sessions up to total 12 sessions)

Workshop Sessions 16:40 – 19:40

Basic Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research in Counseling Psychology

Qualitative Data Analysis from A to Z

Arts-based Research


Active research initiatives, grants:

We are trying to cover diverse qualitative methods in almost all the academic disciplines with scholars both from universities and institutions. The annual conferences were held twice a year offering qualitative research workshops. Some of our board members have attended ICQI to present papers since 2012. In 2018, we initiate a Korean Day SIG at ICQI.


List of publications that would be of interest to the IIQI community:

We issue the journal “Journal of Qualitative Inquiry” either in Korean or English 4 times a year