Center of Narratives and transformative learning-University of Bristol UK
Investigation & Innovation in Education Group
Grupo de Investigacion e Innovacion en Educacion
 -University of A Coruna
School of Education-Sheffield University
Center for Biographic Research Ljubljana Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis -Sheffield University Slovenia
Institute of Media and Communications Klagenfurt University, Austria
The York Mnagement School University of York
Mediterranean Institute of Qualitative Inquiry University of Malta
Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University
Cardiff University
Institutum Studiorum HumanitatisLjubljana Graduate School of the Humanities
Qualitative Health Research NetworkRedICS(Red de Investigación Cualitativa en Salud)
Education and Social Research Institute Manchester Metropolitan University
Department of Sociology Kaunas University of Technology
Worldviews in Precarious Conditions of Life-Institute of Cultural Studies
Faculty of Education-University of Plymouth
Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine-UNIVERSIDADE NOVA DE LISBOA
Nor-Trøndelag University College-Nord-Trøndelag University College
Center for Qualitative Studies-Aalborg University
CREA (Centre of Research in Theories and Practices that Overcome Inequalities)
Bristol collaborative writing group University of Bristol
Centre for Research in Education Liverpool John Moores University
Early Childhood Research Centre (ECRC) University of Roehampton
Institute of Applied Social Research, University of Bedfordshire, UK
School of Education, University of Aberdeen SCOTLAND
University of Oslo