Introductory Qualitative Course Syllabi


Introduction to Qualitative Research in the Social Sciences
Heather Adams
Foundations of Qualitative Research (Psychology)
Diane Blau, PhD
Qualitative Methods (Business)
David M. Boje


Qualitative Research Methods (Sociology)
Laura Funk
Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods (Psychology)
Marco Gemignani
Methods in Cultural Anthropology (Psychology)
Alma Gottlieb
Qualitative methods (Public Health)
Amy Hammock
Educational Research Methods
Hannes Karin, Coemans Sara, Heyvaert Mieke, Bruneel Steven
Qualitative Research Methods (Communication)
Daniel Makagon
Qualitative Methods in Educational Research
Joe Maxwell
Qualitative Reasearch Methods in Child and Youth Studies
Richard C. Mitchell
Qualitative Methods in Social Work Research (Social Work)
Patricia O’Brien
Doctoral Research Seminar-Qualitative Research Methods (Administrative and policy sciences)
Sonia Ospina
Seminar: Qualitative Research Methods (Communication)
Joy Pierce
Comprehensive Qualitative Research Methods (Sociology/Nursing)
Roberta S. Rehm, Catherine Bliss
Qualitative Research Methods (Education)
Helen Slaughter
Qualitative Research Methods (Sociology)
Mary E. Virnoche
Introduction to Educational Research
Joy L. Wiggins
Qualitative Research Methods (Education)
Faith A. Wilson
Qualitative Research Methods in Education
Valerie J. Janesick
Intermediate Qualitative Analysis: Grounded Theory Method
Hisako Matsuo
Psychology Advanced Research II: Qualitative
Marianne M. Miller
Arts-Based Research
Johnny Saldaña
Reasearch in Drama Education
Johnny Saldaña
Sociology/ Nursing: Qualitative Methods II
Janet Shim
EDCS 732: Qualitative Data Analysis
Helen Slaughter
Advanced Qualitative Research Methods in Communication
Sarah Tracy
Advanced Research Methods: Qualitative Data Analysis Narratives of Peer Conflict in Middle Childhood (Psychology)
Marsha Walton


University of Georgia Qualitative Course Syllabi


Other Qualitative Teaching Materials

Group Research Project
Heather Adams
Narrative Research
Molly Andrews
Foundations of Qualitative Research Assignment packet (Psychology)
Diane Blau
One neighborhood, one science problem, many solutions!
Isabel Cuervo
Explorations in Narrative Research
Emily Heavey
English Secondary Methods Intro Class: Duoethnography Exercise
Darolyn Jones
The Field Research Project
Darolyn Jones
Qualitative Methods Postmodern Presentation Rubric
Mary E. Virnoche
Data Analysis Plan of Collected Data from each Phase of the Three-Phased Case Study
Faith A. Wilson
Interviewing Workshop
Faith A. Wilson