CSN Advisory Committee

Updates from the Chair of the Collaborating Sites Network (CSN) Advisory Committee

The CSN’s Advisory Committee has been actively working on several strategies under the direction of Dr. Norman Denzin. The emerging and impressive results from those who responded to the CSN Advisory Committee Update inquiry are detailed below.

As communicated on 10-9-15, the central goal guiding our committee’s work and its strategies for this year is: to constantly expand the CSN through filling up the vacuum.

Conversations were held with CSN members from November through January to further discuss the practical efforts for the strategies outlined.

I am pleased to report the CSN Advisory Committee’s progress within these strategies. As you will see, these efforts are inspiring.


Updates on CSN Strategies for 2016:

  • Global Calendar—Lubomir Popov will finish in March and collaborate with Nathalie Tiberghien for possible mid-year updates to the global calendar so that it remains flexible and current.
  • Qualitative Resources/Teaching Materials—Serge Hein finished last month and sent materials to Nathalie Tiberghien; these resources should be uploaded to the ICQI website soon. The qualitative resources go beyond just teaching materials and include a variety of resources. Here is how the qualitative resources have been organized:
    • Introductory Qual. Course Syllabi in English and Spanish
    • Advanced Qual. Course Syllabi in English
    • Other Qual. Teaching Materials in English and Spanish
    • Websites in English and Spanish
    • On-Line Videos in English
    • Workshops, Seminars, and Presentations in English
    • Journal Articles, Books, and Other Written Materials in English
  • CSN Panel Session at QI2016—Jeffrey Keefer and Mercedes Abades organized and submitted a successful panel proposal. It has been accepted for presentation at the Congress. The session is titled: Collaboration Is as Collaboration Does: Initial Musing on Traces Across the Collaborative Sites Network. The following presenters are part of the CSN panel and will share their research, as related to the CSN.
    • Jeffrey Keefer
    • César A. Cisneros
    • Ellis Hurd
    • Anne Ryen
    • Kris A. Tilley-Lubbs
    • Aitor Gomez
  • Identify Sources of funding for Qualitative Research—César A. Cisneros will begin working on possible sources of funding for Qual. research soon.
  • Build Informal Communication Channels—Jeffrey Keefer will soon begin working with Dr. Denzin’s staff in a supportive role to identify the appropriate contact person(s) at target organizations, developing initial drafts of letters of introduction to be sent to those organizations.
  • ICQI 2016 Town Hall Meeting—Ellis Hurd and Serge Hein will work on preparing a short presentation on the work of the CSN.
  • ICQI Newsletter Service—Ellis will continue collaborating with Nathalie Tiberghien by April 15.
  • ICQI 2016 Business Meeting—Ellis and Serge Hein will share on the work of the CSN for 2015-2016.

The CSN Advisory Committee will table the following item until after the Congress in May, in order to garner more assistance/focus during the 2016 Town Hall Meeting.

  • Establish Links to the 9 SIGS and CSN


The Twelfth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry will take place from May 18 to 21, 2016 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The theme of this year’s congress is “Qualitative Inquiry in Neoliberal Times”.

We intend to promote this theme through our shared efforts and work and during planned CSN events, panel session, and Town Hall Meeting. More information will be forthcoming.  


Thank you,

Ellis Hurd







In December 2009, the International Association of Qualitative Inquiry (IAQI) Newsletter had the following initiative concerning the Collaborating Sites Network:


The Collaborating Sites Advisory Committee is charged with guiding the development of the collaborating sites initiative. The committee’s work is grounded in the principle that the International Association of Qualitative Inquiry (IAQI) and the collaborating sites initiative “should create a dynamic, vibrant community that fills needs for the member sites” (Collaborating Sites Roundtable Discussion, 2008 International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry). The ultimate aim of the collaborating sites initiative is to create a global network of collaborating sites that is interactive, provides up-to-date information about what is occurring at each site, and meets the needs of individual member sites.

(Serge Hein, 2009, IAQI Vol. 5, Issue 5)


The 2014-2016 Collaborating Sites Advisory Committee Members include:

Ellis Hurd, Chair, Illinois State University, USA

Serge F. Hein, Virginia Tech, USA

Aitor Gómez, Universidad de Barcelona, Spain

César Cisneros, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Iztapalapa, México

Lubomir Popov, Bowling Green State University, USA

Mercedes Abades Porcel, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, EUE Sant Pau, Spain

Jeffrey Keefer, Organizational Learning and Communication Consulting, USA

Anne Ryen, University of Adger, Norway


The 2014-2016 Auxiliary Member includes:

Gresilda Tilley-Lubbs, Former Chair, Virginia Tech, USA