CSN Advisory Committee

CSN Update May 2017

Updates from the Chair of the Collaborating Sites Network (CSN) Advisory Committee
Ellis Hurd

The CSN’s Advisory Committee continues to actively work on several strategies under the direction of Dr. Norman Denzin. Updates from 2016-2017 are detailed below.

As communicated on 9-28-16, the central goal guiding our committee’s work and its strategies for this 2016-2017 year is: to constantly expand the CSN through filling up the vacuum. We will continue with this focus and goal.

Included below is the progress of the CSN Advisory Committee’s progress within these strategies. Thank you to all who responded to the inquiry! The progress and new work below is impressive!

Updates on CSN Strategies for 2016-2017:

  •   Global Calendar—The 2016 and 2017 calendars are current. Thank you, Lubo!
  •   Qualitative Resources/Teaching Materials—Serge organized a new solicitationof qualitative resources through the ICQI list serve last fall, reviewed and organized the materials that were submitted by delegates, did a separate on-line search for qualitative resources, and then sent all of the new qualitative resources to James in early February, for addition to the IAQI website. Thank you, Serge!
  •   CSN Panel Session at QI2017—This area was tabled for 2017. We can revisit the idea for a panel session for the 2018 Congress. Anne is willing to help and work with anyone interested in organizing a panel session. Thank you, Anne.
  •   Identify Sources of funding for Qualitative Research—Mercedes was able to find some reliable information for financing qualitative research. I have attached this information. Cesar and Mercedes will continue to look for more sources. Thank you, Mercedes and now Cesar.
  •   Build Informal Communication Channels—Aitor will help in the general organization of the Congress and also in the Day in Spanish and Portuguese and the CSN of course. Thank you, Aitor!
  •   ICQI 2017 Poster Session— Aitor has begun updating the CSN poster. He will provide a collaborative sites map (one-page) to put it into the bag of the Congress. In this way, all participants will have the concrete information of all collaborative sites that we have right now. He can use one side of the page for the Map and on the other side, a brief explanation about the collaborative sites and announcing the town hall and all activities related with the sites. He will also have his computer ready for sign-ups to the CSN. Thank you, Aitor!
  •   ICQI 2017 Town Hall Meeting—James Salvo has scheduled the CSN Town Hall for Friday at 1:00pm. Ellis will again prepare a statement. Anne is planning on attending the Congress this year and will take notes for us. Thank you, Anne. Our thanks also to Dr. Denzin and James for coordinating a new time for the town hall this year to garner more interest and support.
  •   ICQI Newsletter Service—Ellis prepared a statement for the Newsletter for May 2017. He will send to James Salvo.
  •   ICQI 2017 Business Meeting—Ellis prepared a statement for the business meeting. Because Ellis is unable to share the findings at the annual business meeting due to a flight conflict, Lubo has offered to present the findings at the Business meeting. Thank you, Lubo!
  •   Establish Links to the 9 SIGS and CSN—Aitor had offered to help connect with the SIGs for next year. He will work with Dr. Denzin and his office. Thank you, Aitor!CSN Strategies for 2017-2018:
  •   Global Calendar—Update the 2017 and 2018 Global Calendars (Lubo)
  •   Qualitative Resources/Teaching Materials—Organize a new solicitation ofQualitative Resources through the ICQI list serve for fall (Serge)
  •   CSN Panel Session at QI2018—Coordinate a Panel Session for the 2018Congress (Anne and others)
  •   Identify Sources of funding for Qualitative Research—Find reliableinformation for financing qualitative research (Cesar and Mercedes)
  •   Build Informal Communication Channels—Help in the general organization ofthe Congress, a Day in Spanish and Portuguese, and also with building informal

    communication channels (Aitor)

  •   ICQI 2018 Poster Session— Update CSN poster, provide a collaborative sitesmap (one-page) to put it into the bag of the Congress, and provide a means for

    constituents for CSN sign-ups (Aitor)

  •   ICQI 2018 Town Hall Meeting—Attend, lead, share, and take notes for the CSNTown Hall Meeting (Ellis, Anne, and others)
  •   ICQI Newsletter Service—Prepare a statement for the Newsletter for May 2018(Ellis)
  •   ICQI 2018 Business Meeting—Prepare a statement for the business meeting(Ellis and others)
  •   Establish Links to the 9 SIGS and CSN—Help connect with the SIGs for nextyear (Dr. Denzin’s Office and Aitor)

    Again, thank you for all that you do. This work is outstanding!

    Thank you, Ellis Hurd

    In December 2009, the International Association of Qualitative Inquiry (IAQI) Newsletter had the following initiative concerning the Collaborating Sites Network:

    The Collaborating Sites Advisory Committee is charged with guiding the development of the collaborating sites initiative. The committee’s work is grounded in the principle that the International Association of Qualitative Inquiry (IAQI) and the collaborating sites initiative “should create a dynamic, vibrant community that fills needs for the member sites” (Collaborating Sites Roundtable Discussion, 2008 International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry). The ultimate aim of the collaborating sites initiative is to create a global network of collaborating sites that is interactive, provides up-to-date information about what is occurring at each site, and meets the needs of individual member sites.

(Serge Hein, 2009, IAQI Vol. 5, Issue 5)

The 2014-2016 Collaborating Sites Advisory Committee Members include:

Ellis Hurd, Chair, Illinois State University, USA
Serge F. Hein, Virginia Tech, USA
Aitor Gómez, Universidad de Barcelona, Spain
César Cisneros, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Iztapalapa, México Lubomir Popov, Bowling Green State University, USA

Mercedes Abades Porcel, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, EUE Sant Pau, Spain
Anne Ryen, University of Adger, Norway