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Susan Nordstrom
Counseling, Educational Psychology and Research
The University of Memphis
304 D Ball Hall
Memphis, TN 38152

Site Coordinators: Susan Nordstrom and Alison Happel-Parkins


Participating faculty, staff, and students:

  • Faculty: Susan Nordstrom, Alison Happel-Parkins, Carol Rambo, Craig Stewart, Erika Bullock, Mitsu Misawa, Keri Brondo
  • Students: Katharina Barth-Azim, Carlos Torres


Research Interests, Disciplines:

Education Research, Educational Psychology, Sociology, Communications, Psychology, Instruction, Curriculum, and Leadership; Higher and Adult Education, Anthropology

The University of Memphis offers a graduate certificate in qualitative research and courses in qualitative research design, methods, and theory. The institution encourages engaged scholarship in the Memphis area.   To this end, faculty and students frequently engage in research projects with community members that advocate for social justice. Critical theories, feminisms, critical race theory, and poststructural theories are emphasized in such work.



Upcoming Workshops, seminars, conferences:

  • The University of Memphis will host the 2015 Southeast Philosophy of Education Society conference in February.
  • The department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Research also hosts monthly colloquia that feature faculty and student research from across the university.
  • The Counseling, Educational Psychology and Research department also sponsors QUIC (Qualitative Inquiry Circle), a social and intellectual circle of graduate students with interest in qualitative inquiry, specifically inquiry that has the intent of advocating for social justice.   QUIC is facilitated by Dr. Nordstrom and Dr. Happel-Parkins.



Publications, performances:

  • What I Kept, a museum exhibition and accompanying documentary about the objects Memphis-area women kept from their home countries
  • Strengthening Community Gardens: An Iterative Evaluation Project for GrowMemphis’ Community Gardening 101 Training Program; an 18 month action research project, in collaboration with the local non-profit, GrowMemphis, faculty, and graduate students
  • Nordstrom, S.N. (In Press). Not so innocent anymore: Making recording devices matter in qualitative inquiry. Qualitative Inquiry.
  • Nordstrom, S.N. (In Press). Notes toward a politics of response data: An affective passageway of layered response data. In A.B. Reinersten & A.M. Otterstad (Eds.). Metodefest og øyeblikksrealisme. Bergen, Norway: Fagbokforlaget.
  • Nordstrom, S. (In Press). A data assemblage. International Review of Qualitative Research.
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