Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Sede Central Medellín


Literacies in Second Languages Project (LSLP)

Student Research Group within the School of Education and Pedagogy


Dr. Raúl A. Mora
Facultad de Educación
Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana
Circular 1 No. 70-10 Bloque 6 Tercer Piso
Medellín, Colombia 050031
literaciesinl2project@gmail.com ; raul.mora@upb.edu.co


Research Interests, Disciplines:
Qualitative inquiry
Ethnography (auto-ethnography, ethnographic methods, digital/virtual ethnography)
Literacy (alternative literacy paradigms, digital literacies, critical literacy, etc.)


The Literacies in Second Languages Project is a research initiative at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in our hometown, Medellín (Colombia).  LSLP appears as a response to the ongoing expansion of what was first the Student Research Group on Second Languages (SRG-L2). We are interesed in becoming active participants in the field of literacies research to share what is happening in this field in our city and our country.

LSLP, as we envision it now, encompasses our research lines and international partnerships. In LSLP, our goal is to inquire and discover how teachers and people in Medellín and surrounding cities are playing with second languages (Mora, 2013) as communicative and semiotic resources to create a multiplicity of languages and meanings. Our concern is to learn more about how people are playing with English (and other languages) both inside and outside of the school settings, the kinds of new messages that emerge as the consequence of such interplay, and how we can use our research to inform teachers’ classroom literacy practices.



Raúl Alberto Mora, Ph.D.

Polina Golovátina-Mora, Ph.D.


Graduate Students:

Claudia Cañas, Martha Patricia Ferreira, Christian González, Gloria Gutíérrez, Giselle Isaza, Angela Patricia Ocampo

 Undergraduate Students:

Melissa Castaño, Sebastián Castaño, Tatiana Chiquito, Maryori Giraldo, María Alejandra Gómez, Nathalie Gómez, Michael Hernández, Mateo Jaramillo, María Camila Mejía-Vélez, Tyrone Orrego, Natalia Ramírez,Tatiana Salazar Patiño, Sara Uribe, Alejandro Zuluaga

Workshops, seminars, conferences:

At present, LSLP collaborates with the organization of the ML2 Open Lecture Series from the MA in Learning and Teaching Processes in Second Languages (http://vimeo.com/channels/ml2)


Research Initiatives:


Working Papers