University of A Coruna

Investigation & Innovation in Education Group

Grupo de Investigacion e Innovacion en Educacion


The Investigation and Innovation in Education Group is a loosely-knit research group formed in 2007 by faculty members from the Department of Pedagogy and Curriculum Studies at the University of A Coruña. We share a common interest in the pursuit of social justice through qualitative inquiry in educational research, although our respective lines of research cover a broad spectrum of pedagogical and cultural concerns relating to formal and non-formal learning contexts both past and present, and ranging from early childhood to adult education, from cross-cultural to environmental issues, from the global to the local, critical pedagogy to gender studies, music education to special needs, and mass communications to methodological and epistemological concerns associated with innovation, participatory action research, and qualitative inquiry in the realm of education.

The University of A Coruña is located in the coastal city of the same name, in the northwestern corner of the Autonomous Community of Galicia (or Galiza), which comprises northern Spain’s Atlantic coastline.