University of Bristol UK

Center of Narratives and transformative learning


Research within this centre is concerned with the study and promotion of narrative forms of social inquiry and the generation of transformative learning, teaching and assessment practices. It also operates as a site for the development and dissemination of creative research methodologies.

Our research agendas draw on ideas from socio-cultural, post-structural, critical and literary theories and use both social science and arts-based methodologies in order to support work on written, spoken, visual and multi-modal narratives and to develop our understanding of transformative learning as a relational and social process.

This research is interdisciplinary in nature and takes place within many settings including both private and public spaces, informal and formal learning environments, therapeutic contexts and a variety of professional domains.

The work of the centre focuses on the complex interrelationships between

  • Identity, culture and agency
  • Learning, transformation and change
  • Ethics, values and identities
  • Social, relational and personal narratives 

    Our research is directly linked to our teaching and learning programmes, including the Postgraduate Certificate in Education, MSc Counselling, MEd Counselling in Education and EdD strand in Narrative and Life Story research.