University of Waikato

The School of Hauora & Movement Studies 


Our site holds many diverse ways of discovering, co-producing, and disseminating qualitative research and practices. Included in these activities are dance performances and practices as research and pedagogy, participation in the U of Waikato School of Education colloquia series (qualitative discussion and presentations by staff/faculty), and both informal and formal presentations.

The School of Hauora & Movement Studies designation includes Human Movement, Counselling, Human Development, Sport & Leisure Studies, and Hauora (well-being, composed of taha tinana, taha hinengaro, taha whanau, and taha wairua).

We hold, biennially, the international Contemporary Ethnography Across the Disciplines hui. In 2014 it will be 25-28 November, at the University of Waikato. for more information.

Contact :
Dr. Robert Rinehart,
Sport and Leisure Studies;